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Premium Waterfront 3,4 & 5 Bedroom Twin Villas

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We are delighted to introduce

Nature's Symphony Awaits You

Nestled in The Valley, Alana is more than just a gated community – it’s a commitment to sustainability and an ode to natural sanctuaries. Meandering waterways enhance the landscape, creating an intertwining masterpiece of luxury and tranquility.
Alana’s prime positioning allows residents quick access to the bustling heart of Dubai. Yet, within its perimeters, the gentle hush of flowing waterways ensures a peaceful sanctuary away from the city’s hustle.
With every detail meticulously planned, Alana in The Valley promises a life where luxury and nature exist in perfect harmony.

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A Visual and Sensory Retreat

Two prominent sides of Alana provide residents with unparalleled views of The Valley Park. This verdant space is more than just an expanse of green; it features exhilarating amenities like a trampoline park, a nurturing community garden, and dynamic sports courts, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

The Valley

Dreams Begin Here

The Valley is a quaint new town consisting of modern townhouse complexes where life finds its inspiration amidst the vast shimmering sands and lush green open spaces. It is a self-sufficient community offering a range of lifestyle amenities, educational options, healthcare services, leisure activities and recreational facilities in a picturesque setting.
The Valley is the perfect place for you to empower your dreams and become the innovators and visionaries to lead the future of the world.

Sustainable Excellence in Every Detail

Alana’s design is steeped in a vision of promoting a sustainable lifestyle. It seeks to enhance the environmental value of the area, highlighting natural sanctuaries and picturesque waterways. The community prides itself on emphasizing the bond between humans and their surroundings, fostering an environment where this relationship thrives.

Diverse Living Spaces Amidst Nature

Alana presents a range of options to cater to varying needs, with 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom, and 5-bedroom twin villas. Each dwelling is a testament to refined living, with sunlight and waterways crafting an ever-changing canvas of shimmering reflections.

Blending Luxury and Nature

Step into spaces filled with natural light offering stunning views of the lush surroundings. Earthy tones and environmentally friendly design choices create an ambiance that blends in with the natural sanctuaries outside. Every detail ensures a harmonious connection with nature within your home.


At Alana, architectural design is more than structure; it’s a reflec tion of lifestyle. Choose the style that suits your style and live the design story it tells. Alana offers you the choice of three, four and five bedroom twin villas in two distinct architectural styles: Sierra and Lilac. Every villa is characterised by exquisite quality, and each makes a personal statement. Premium materials and attention to detail throughout ensure tasteful and timeless elegance.
Sierra : Melding straight lines with graceful curves, this design speaks to w armth and fluidity, reminiscent of nature’s ebbs and flows, creating expansive and interconnected spaces.
Lilac : A testament to contemporary art, this design embodies precision with its straight, linear lines. It’s an edgy aesthetic that conveys streng th and modern sophistication.

Key Investment Points

  • Ecological Elegance: Set amidst The Valley’s canvas, Alana blends modern living with nature’s caress.
  • Neighbourhood Serenity: Experience tranquillity in one of Dubai’s most elegant neighbourhoods.
  • Waterway Wonders: Beyond simple pathways, Alana's waterways connect hearts, offering serene vistas with every glance.
  • 3, 4, 5 bedroom semi attached villas with spacious garden area, fully fitted kitchen and premium finishings
  • Premium Amenities: An exclusive clubhouse, regal gatehouses, wellness zones, and more luxury redefined at every corner.
  • A Plethora of Facilities: From the shimmering Golden Beach to the vibrant Town Centre and serene barbecue spots, Alana ensures you’re always amidst luxury.
  • Environmentally Conscious Living: Homes crafted with locally sourced materials, celebrating the surrounding landscape.
  • Celebration of Nature: With unique waterways and proximity to the majestic Valley Park, everyday at Alana is a retreat into nature’s opulence.
  • Waterway Lifestyle: Embrace the privilege of living by pristine channels, waking up to serene views, and the symphony of nature’s best.



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THE VALLEY is strategically located on Dubai-Al Ain Road, a major thoroughfare connecting two of the UAE’s most iconic Emirates. The duality of being away from the busyness of Dubai, while still being well-connected to the city, makes THE VALLEY the UAE’s most accessible family sanctuary.

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